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Parents Sports Association

Mission Statement




The objective of the Bishop’s Stortford High School Parents Sports Association (PSA for short!) is to advance physical education for all pupils of TBSHS by providing or assisting in the provision of facilities, equipment and opportunities for playing sport that are not required to be supplied by the school or statutory authorities, including coaching, referees, matches and transport to and from them. To help all students, boys and girls, realise their full potential.




The PSA was founded in 1998, the brain child the head of PE (Dave Watkin), and a parent (Colin Stockley) endorsed by the then headmaster (Ian Shaw);  whose insight helped create the platform for the school to become widely respected as exceptional at Sport which in turn has raised the school’s  profile enormously.  The outdated and second rate playing fields at TBSHS became inadequate to support the needs of 1200 boys and the school could not provide a solution from their budget so a group of parents and members of the PE department formed the PSA with the determination to solve the problem and set about raising funds to build the wonderful facility at Jobbers Wood.

Jobbers Wood:


‘Jobbers’ is owned by the Govenors and Trustees of TBSHS in the same way as the school itself.  It was opened in 2001 by, then minister for sport, Kate Howie.


Land was bought, planning obtained and the pavilion built at a total cost of £1.2m, approx. £250,000 was raised via the parents and the PSA, the remaining funds being raised from grants, corporate donations, private individuals etc, a fantastic effort and magnificent legacy for the current generation to enjoy. Some of the benefactors’ names can be seen on the staircase.



The prosperity of the PSA relies on the generosity, support and enthusiasm of a committee, dedicated parents and teachers who see sport not only as an essential release of energy for teenagers but also as a means for instilling many qualities to help produce a well rounded child, including discipline, competitiveness with integrity, teamwork and how to handle winning and losing with the same dignity.




The determination to continue to raise funds through the Membership Club (which goes a long way towards match fees and providing transport to matches) through regular social events which engage parents and give them an enjoyable atmosphere in which to interact with PE staff, the PSA committee and other parents whilst hopefully affording them a better understanding of what is and isn’t included as part of the curriculum.


Without your continued support and the enthusiasm of the staff we would struggle to maintain the fantastic variety of extra curricula sport and matches at TBSHS...


Registration number: 1144671

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